Become NLP Qualified

My NLP Journey

In August 2017 I felt like there was something missing in my life. I had a successful Network Marketing business that I had been running for over 4 years but wanted something else. I decided to look into coaching qualifications as my strengths are mentoring a team and leading from the front. I came across NLP (Nuro Linguistic Programming) and The Life Practice Academy. The course that made the most sense to me was a Level 4 Diploma in Life and NLP coaching. I decided to go for it and take the plunge. I was accredited a Level 5 Diploma.

I had to start coaching myself and find out what was missing in my life. I realised I needed new friendship groups, a hobby and a life purpose. I made all the changes quickly and found my life becoming more balanced. NLP has taken me on a EPIC journey. I have learnt how to communicate better using the clients preferred PRS (Preferred Representational system), I use this method in every day life and my friends have noticed a huge difference and my family.  I know how to coach people and use amazing NLP techniques. Hypnosis is a added bonus and helps you speak to your clients in a trance state and speak to their subconscious which is where all the information is stored. My eyes have been opened to the world of opportunities, a bright future. I am now ready to help people take their business and life  to the next level. I continue to run my Network Marketing Business and have the added bonus of coaching clients separately for my Life coaching.

To wake up with passion and drive every day is an amazing feeling, and I want to reach out and help as many people as I can, get the life they want. Get rid of fear, have more confidence, believe in your abilities, stop procrastination. Check out my coaching courses, online and offline.

If you want to explore yourself and think a career in Life coaching could be for you, then I recommend working with Mark Shields, Author, Speaker, Advisor, Educator and CEO of the Life Practice Group. The support I receive from Mark is amazing, he gives you valuable feedback. The modules are easy to navigate through and is all online. Plenty of video demonstrations and a dissertation to complete and many case studies. You have a year to complete the course. Its LIFE CHANGING.

Course Details

Course Level Practitioner – E Learning

Course Name: NLP & Life Coaching Practitioner Certification

Accredited ACCPH Level 4 – Based upon markers and stipulations set by OFQUAL
Course Modalities / certification Includes – NLP, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Human Givens Psychology.
Course Fees – £1350.00 / Free Instalment Plans + VAT
220 hours, 40 Modules, Full Tutor Support – 12 months
Trainer directed and assisted throughout their course
Tutor assigned to every delegate
Pause and play video lessons to watch as many times as you wish
Downloadable workbooks, manuals and other training materials to keep
Communal “comments” box on every lesson for live Q&A
Free 2 day face to face course attendance optional
Certified and accredited course
Marked Dissertations
Graded quizzes
Live Assessment at end of course
Evergreen access with regular updates
Trainer one to one support communications throughout (via Skype, Zoom)
Optional Personal Development planning with Trainer at end of course

“Life coaching has given me the confidence to coach other people and help them move towards the next level in business and life. There is a world of opportunity waiting to be explored, live life with a purpose. Its the best feeling in the world knowing I am making a difference to peoples lives” – Hayley Austin

If you are looking for a course that is accredited and certified, and gives you the qualifications you need to become a successful life coach, I highly recommend training with Mark Shields and his team at the Life Practice Group.  Click here NLP Life Coaching Course