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About Hayley Austin

I am Hayley Austin, just a regular girl from the beautiful English Lake District with big dreams.

My journey started in Network Marketing 4 years ago when we made the move to Yorkshire for my husband's job. Our son, Jacob, was then was just 18 months old. I decided to leave my senior management career and start my own business.

Starting a Network Marketing business is appealing to a lot of people as there is no outlay or immediate start-up costs,  no staff overheads or business rates.

This business model is now more attractive than franchising which requires start up costs. Basically you have nothing to loose, and all to gain.  So, completely out of my comfort zone I made the leap and haven't looked back.

Having what we call an experienced and successful upline really helped me. My upline were able to guide and mentor me and put me on the right path to success.

I started to read the books recommended to me and self-educated myself as this world model is completely different to corporate enterprise.  You are your own boss, you work when and how you want to.  No targets are set for you, you set your own. We call targets “goals”.

My first goal was to be able to afford an in-car SatNav to get me from A to B. After achieving my first goal I then went on to plan for holidays, and even bought the family a holiday home – a static caravan on the East Yorkshire Coast.

I have since taught my 'downlines' how to plan goals.

Network marketing is all about creating depth and building foundations.  Sounds like I’m building my house right?  Well we need to build a structure comprised of like minded people so that we eventually create residual income, which pays us when we're not actively selling.

First of all this industry starts with you, we all start the same. That’s what I like about Network Marketing, it starts with YOU.

Maximum effort is required by you from day 1 to sponsor new distributors to sell your product or service.  There is no getting away from this!  Eventually one of your distributors will want to build a team of their own and bingo! You're creating duplication which equals depth. This process can take up to 3 years minimum.  In other words, the more you put into your business, the more you will benefit.

You will find lots of people will want to join your business if you are successful! Some will stay a long time and some won't.  However long they stay, remember, they were valuable to you at the time and have helped you build your business. This industry is all about having a lot of people doing a little bit.

Payment is on commission.  Your team's efforts determine your level of pay.  Some companies offer recruiting bonuses to help you on your journey. The important thing is to look after your team. I’ve developed friendships in my business, some have now become lifelong friends.

Now here comes the best part! After nearly 4 years it’s not my business anymore it’s become our business, WE ARE A TEAM.  It’s not all about me.  I’ve not missed out on any of my son's development.  I’m there for school runs and activities. I enjoyed the majority of summer off with my son and had fun whilst still earning my residual income.

I have decided to enhance my skill-set and take my coaching to the next level by studying for a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Lifestyle Coach Diploma.  NLP is taking me on a personal development journey of self-discovery.  I am enjoying learning new skill sets which will help me, the team, and anyone else that feels they need a lifestyle coach. It is important to have a balanced lifestyle so that the team can stay focussed on what truly matters.

My business can help you achieve your goals and have a balanced lifestyle.  Our team feel empowered because they have become confident and built new friendships They have created a lifestyle business, whilst generating an income to have those family holidays and trips!

Do you want to plan for the future and have a business that will one day become your pension? I can show you how to do this.

Think about where you would like to be in 6 months time, 1 year, and 10 years time. I can show you how to have a balanced lifestyle through my coaching programme and I can also show you a business opportunity.


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Hayley Austin

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