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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. I am an Executive NLP Life Coach & Hypnotherapist and based in Huddersfield. I work 1:1 with Clients from Leeds, Brighouse, Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax. I offer stress Management programmes to CEO’s, Business owners, Executives and Senior Management.  So many of us are successful but not happy, and its my mission to help you re-evaluate your life.

I can also help with anxiety, fear, bad habits, confidence building, getting the life you want, goal setting and taking action. I use NLP, hypnosis and talking therapies for break through coaching. To get the best results I tailor each programme around my clients to suit their needs. My coaching gives you instant results.

I also offer Online coaching programmes for those that are not local to me.

I have been running a successful lifestyle business for 5 years and have completed a NLP Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Certification Level 5 Diploma. My coaching programmes are designed to help you develop and grow into the person you want to be.  I worked at International senior level in corporate and understand stress and challenges. My values and beliefs will be different to yours and I help you discover your own path and way forwards.

Take some time to look through my site, read my blogs, and then as a gift from me to you, download my free workbooks.

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Online Coaching 1:1

Wherever you happen to be in life, and whatever challenges you’re facing right now, our online life coaching program provides you with the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible.

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Life Coaching

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Life Biz Bootcamp Calling! Take control of your life...

Subscribe to my FREE work books and guides, I know you will find these of value.  I offer 1:1 Coaching online and offline. Contact me for your Free 15 minute discovery call. Click below to grab your free guide today.

Workbooks and Guides

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Know your purpose and desires

As humans, we want to be KNOWN.. We're made to be relational beings! We want people to understand us, love us, and care for us... and you have the prime opportunity to do that through what you love doing.  How exciting!! Do you have your own business and need guidance? I can help you through my coaching programme which is designed for executives and professionals. Read my recent blog by clicking my link below.

Human Givens & Our Needs

"Keep on believing and improve yourself. Only you can make a difference."

Hayley Austin - NLP Life Personal Development Coach & Hypnotherapist


Take on A belief of Excellence to give yourself new choices

I can show you how to write your own life scripts and tab into the resources you want. For example, think of a situation where you would like more choices and where you can use your beliefs to make a difference to what you want. This can help your awareness of your environment and benefit you in any given situation. Values and beliefs are so important to our everyday lives, let’s use them to make a better version of you!

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What is your mission & Life Plan

How to Goal set and take ACTION

My coaching sessions will teach you different methods, specifically suited to your needs, which will help you to set goals and show you how to take action, using methods that are unique to you. How often do you think of something that you want to achieve and say “it can wait until tomorrow”? Tomorrow never comes. I can show you how to prioritise your goals and maximise your chances of achieving them.

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Goal Set & Take Action

How to identify your 'Blockers to Change'

What are the areas in your life where are you wanting/needing to make changes?  What areas in your life do you need to look at that are blocking you from being the best version of yourself?  I can help you visualise at least 3 areas of your life that need to be simplified.  Some examples of blockers in our daily lives are; procrastination, imagining difficulties ahead, distractions and intellectualising what you want rather than just getting on with it. I can also help with fears, anxiety and depression.

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Are You Stressed, Anxious? Helpful Tips.